About SDB Engineering


SDB Engineering is founded in 2011 by Sander de Beurs.

After his study Mechanical Engineering at Twente University in 1996 he started working at Vekoma Manufacturing, a world leading company in the amusement park rides industry. Much experience was gained here at designing and analyzing the strength and fatigue life of roller coaster trains. At that time analytical hand calculations were mainly used. Because of the designs becoming increasingly more complex, Sander de Beurs helped introducing the finite element method at Vekoma which allowed for a more accurate analysis of these designs.

After Vekoma Manufacturing Sander de Beurs has worked at Stork RMO, a Dutch railway bogie manufacturer. He helped designing and analyzing the strength and fatigue life of for instance the bogies of the NS (Dutch Railway) VIRM trains.

In order to specialize himself more in finite element method analyses (FEA) , Sander de Beurs started working at engineering companies HEC and AKOS, which are really focusing on applying FEA in complex projects. Within these companies experience is gained in many market segments such as offshore, wind energy and consumer products, and large non-linear FEA simulations. As HEC was also a reseller of FEA software, Sander de Beurs also lead many training courses, really focusing on effectively using FEA tools: the key to success in using this kind of software is knowing how to make an accurate model and being able to interpret and validate the results.

As of September 2011, Sander de Beurs started SDB Engineering where he could completely focus on helping companies make the best products by effectively applying FEA simulations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or if you are interested in the services of SDB Engineering.