SDB Engineering can help your company by analyzing your products or designs with respect to strength and/or fatigue life. Due to our many years of experience we are capable of answering all sorts of questions you may have regarding strength and/or fatigue life. From the early concept stage to an already existing product that doesn’t behave as intended: SDB Engineering is your partner.

In all cases the goal of SDB Engineering is an optimal workflow leading to fast and reliable results. Since every case is different, our working method is also flexible. We are capable of solving very large and complex problems with FEA software. However, SDB Engineering also has many years of experience with ‘old fashioned’ analytical calculations. These often provide quick insights and are frequently used as a means to check the credibility of the FEA results.

FEA simulation proves most efficient when applied early in the design stage. Therefore SDB Engineering prefers involvement as early as possible in the development of your product.
Due to our experience in large projects in for instance offshore structures and wind energy, we are comfortable to work in multidisciplinary teams. Projects are preferably carried out at our own office, which is more cost-efficient for the client than working on-site. Having regular contact and meetings about the project status and communication through desktop-sharing makes it feel like we are an integral part of your team.

SDB Engineering focusses on strength and fatigue life analyses. In case your project requires also other analyses such as CFD (fluid dynamics) or MBD (multi body dynamics) we can also help you. Either we can provide support for that ourselves, or we can involve one of our specalists in that field from our network.

Second Opinion
In case you have an existing calculation and need a second opinion on it, SDB Engineering would be proud to be your sparring partner. The accuracy of FEA results are depending on many factors such as mesh density, element types, boundary conditions and load application method. At many levels mistakes can be made that might not be easily seen and still produce (wrong) results.
SDB Engineering can help you gain insight and confidence in your FEA simulations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information.